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Chip Kidd's favorite coversJul 07 2009

Chip Kidd shares his seven favorite book cover designs (that aren't his). (via do)

The truth about RussiaMay 09 2008

Chip Kidd's copy of the New York Times reveals the truth behind Russia's new President: Trickery. (via book design review)

The 92nd St Y has put theApr 25 2008

The 92nd St Y has put the video of a talk called The Art of the Book up on their site. The talk was held in Dec 2006 and featured Milton Glaser, Chip Kidd, and Dave Eggers with Michael Bierut moderating. You may recall that Glaser got into a bit of hot water for some comments he made about the career paths of women in graphic design.

Kooky video by Chip Kidd in whichFeb 19 2008

Kooky video by Chip Kidd in which he does impressions of people interpreting odd bits of text. The Wicked Witch of the West reciting Psalms 23 is my favorite. The video is in support of Kidd's new book, The Learners, out today. (via towleroad)

Winners of the 2007 National Design Awards, includingMay 17 2007

Winners of the 2007 National Design Awards, including Apple's Jonathan Ive and Chip Kidd.

Some recent covers by Chip Kidd ofFeb 15 2007

Some recent covers by Chip Kidd of three books by James Ellroy. The photographs on the covers are of dioramas of pulp fiction covers made by Thomas Allen. (via yda)

Designing for persistenceDec 05 2006

Took in The Art of the Book lecture at the 92nd Street Y last night. Milton Glaser, Chip Kidd ("a modern day Truman Capote" I heard him described as afterward), Dave Eggers, with Michael Beirut moderating. One of the most interesting comments came late in the proceedings from Dave Eggers, who described one of the main goals of the McSweeney's design staff as attempting to design the books as well and as beautifully as they could as objects so that people would be compelled to save them. That way, even if people didn't have time to read them soon after purchase, they couldn't bear to throw/give the book away and would instead put it on their shelf in the hopes -- McSweeney's hopes, that is -- that the buyer would at some point pull it down off the shelf and give it another try.

This design goal runs counter to the design process behind most contemporary book jackets, which are engineered almost entirely for the purpose of eliciting in the potential buyer a "buy me" reaction within two seconds of spotting them. McSweeney's, as a champion of authors, wants the writing to be read while most major publishing companies, as champions of their shareholders, want books to be purchased. People buying books is important to the goal of getting the writing within them read, but McSweeney's emphasis on designing books to last in people's homes is a clever way to pursue that goal after the sale.

Event at the 92nd St. Y onNov 21 2006

Event at the 92nd St. Y on Dec 4: The Art of the Book: Behind the Covers with Dave Eggers, Chip Kidd and Milton Glaser. Tickets are only $10 if you're 35 or younger.

Robert Birnbaum interviews Chip Kidd for Identity Theory.Jan 12 2006

Robert Birnbaum interviews Chip Kidd for Identity Theory.

Works by Chip Kidd (from Chip Kidd:Nov 28 2005

Works by Chip Kidd (from Chip Kidd: Book One) will be on exhibition at Cooper Union through Feb 4, 2006.

How Chip Kidd furnishes his apartment.Nov 05 2005

How Chip Kidd furnishes his apartment.

Wonderful interview of Milton Glaser by ChipOct 11 2005

Wonderful interview of Milton Glaser by Chip Kidd from a couple of years ago. Touches on his iconic I [heart] NY logo, the updated version (which the NY Commerce Dept. tried to sue him for), and the economics of design. (via df)

Collection of Chip Kidd's book cover designJun 10 2005

Collection of Chip Kidd's book cover design work due out in October.

Chip KiddOct 22 2003

Chip Kidd

From the book jacket, the lazy reviewer's friend:

Chip Kidd is renowned and revered as a maverick graphic designer. Specifically, Kidd's book jacket designs for such major New York publishers as Alfred A. Knopf are among the most significant and innovative of our time. This richly illustrated book-the first critical selection of Kidd's design work-looks closely at this contemporary visual pioneer. Veronique Vienne presents a full and nuanced view of Kidd, discussing how he has developed celebrity status as a designer, design critic, lecturer, and editor. She also relates how Kidd is greatly influenced by popular culture, noting his vast collection of Batman memorabilia. Vienne concludes by examining Kidd's editorial involvement with books on cartoonists as well as his own first novel, The Cheese Monkeys, published in 2001 to critical acclaim. Chip Kidd reveals the fascinating life and career of a revolutionary graphic designer with a winning public persona, whose ambitions now also lean toward editing and writing. The book will appeal to anyone involved in design and popular culture as well as admirers of Kidd's extraordinary creative spirit.

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