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L'Epicerie sells all kinds of supplies forOct 01 2007

L'Epicerie sells all kinds of supplies for the molecular gastronomy cook, including dehydrated strawberry powder, xantham gum, and agar agar.

Update: Bryan Zupon is a likely L'Epicerie shopper. The college senior runs an underground restaurant out of his campus apartment that specializes in molecular gastronomy techniques and cuisine.

Photos from a meal at L'Enclume inMay 11 2007

Photos from a meal at L'Enclume in the UK, where chef Simon Rogan is practicing molecular gastronomy at a high level. "I don't think there's a more exciting meal than this anywhere in the whole world, even [at El Bulli]. This was 24 flawless brilliant courses by a chef who is not just 'at the top of his game', but somewhere out in front of his rivals." More photos and information at L'Enclume's web site.

The Fat Duck, one of molecular gastronomy'sApr 24 2007

The Fat Duck, one of molecular gastronomy's main outposts, recently offered a course complete with its own soundtrack served up on iPods shuffle. "Heston Blumenthal, the chef, said he wanted to experiment with using sound to enhance a dining experience. Hence the iPod, playing the soothing sound of the sea breeze and waves gently caressing the seashore."

Molecular gastronomist Ferran Adria of El BulliJul 15 2005

Molecular gastronomist Ferran Adria of El Bulli has his own Lay's potato chips in Spain. "Having eaten the entire bag, we can now report that they were noticably better than your average potato chips; the crispiness was just a little grainier than usual, if that makes sense, and the flavor more pleasant."

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