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Barack Obama's amazingly consistent smileSep 25 2009

When Obama poses for photos, he smiles in exactly the same way each time.

And I thought Paris was consistent.

In a review (of sorts) of theMar 25 2008

In a review (of sorts) of the Paris Hilton vehicle The Hottie and the Nottie on the eve of its UK release, critic Joe Queenan picks his worst movie of all time, along with the criteria he used to choose it.

To qualify as one of the worst movies ever made, a motion picture must induce a sense of dread in those who have seen it, a fear that they may one day be forced to watch the film again -- and again -- and again.

Gigli wasn't that bad. Neither was Jersey Girl.

Did you know that Paris Hilton hasFeb 11 2008

Did you know that Paris Hilton has a movie out? Yeah, no one else cares either. The Hottie & the Nottie opened this weekend and took in only $230 per screen.

That means that, based on an $8 average ticket price, 29 paying customers showed up at each location over the 3-day [weekend]. In a country that seems fascinated with Paris Hilton, only 3,219 unlucky Americans will have been suckered into seeing Hottie by Monday morning.

Emphasis mine.

Paris Hilton released from jailJun 26 2007

Early this morning, Paris Hilton was released from jail after serving a 23-day sentence for violating her probation on a prior conviction for reckless driving. Here's a photo taken soon after her release:

Paris Hilton released from jail

We see photos of celebrities smiling in public all the time, at movie openings, at awards shows, on stage, on TV, on red carpets...anywhere there's a camera waiting to capture a public image. Hilton in particular is known for smiling in public, chin down and looking up to the right. But the above photo is the first time she's ever looked genuinely happy, an authentic smile. Never have all those smiling celebrity photos -- and the purposes behind them -- looked so phony.

Christopher Hitchens on his forced contemplation ofJun 12 2007

Christopher Hitchens on his forced contemplation of Paris Hilton. "Hilton is legally an adult but the treatment she is receiving stinks -- indeed it reeks -- of whatever horrible, buried, vicarious impulse underlies kiddie porn and child abuse."

Noah Kalina (this Noah Kalina) recently hadDec 26 2006

Noah Kalina (this Noah Kalina) recently had his photo taken with several celebrities at a VH1 awards show. Here's some background on the project. "The only celebs that were actually familiar with the phenomenon that is Noah K were Weird Al Yankovic and Paris Hilton. How perfect is that?" (via jen)

The future of science: celebrity photography. WhileOct 16 2006

The future of science: celebrity photography. While in Venice for the World Conference on the Future of Science, prominent philosopher Daniel Dennett squeezed off a shot of Paris Hilton arriving at the hotel for, one would assume, activities unrelated to the scientific proceedings.

This is old news, but I missedSep 11 2006

This is old news, but I missed it while I was gone, so apologies if you've seen this. Banksy replaced copies of Paris Hilton's new CD in stores around the UK with his own copies containing doctored album art and a 40-minute song by Gnarls Barkley's Danger Mouse. Banksy made a video of himself pulling off the stunt. Copies of the CD are on eBay for $180-1,300. An mp3 of the song contained on the doctored CD is available.

Will it ever be possible to figureJul 18 2006

Will it ever be possible to figure out who the real Paris Hilton is and do we even care one way or the other?

The 50 most loathsome people in America, 2005. OnJan 24 2006

The 50 most loathsome people in America, 2005. On Paris Hilton: "Somehow, everybody in America knew that this completely pointless person had lost her dog, and we are all diminished by the experience."

Mesmerizing movie of Paris Hilton's unchanging facialJan 18 2006

Mesmerizing movie of Paris Hilton's unchanging facial expression. I can't stop watching this. I especially like that her hair looks like it's chasing itself around the top of her head.

Update: The Lindsey Lohan one is pretty good as well. (thx, patrick)


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