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Lagerfeld Confidential is a documentary film aboutOct 19 2007

Lagerfeld Confidential is a documentary film about Karl Lagerfeld, the first such film done with Lagerfeld's authorization. It's playing at Film Forum in NYC later this month.

Profile of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, whoMar 12 2007

Profile of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who admits he doesn't know "what 'normal' means".

How Coreaudiovisual shot a Karl Lagerfeld fashionApr 18 2006

How Coreaudiovisual shot a Karl Lagerfeld fashion show and very quickly turned around a promotional DVD featuring the photos.

Chanel and Karl LagerfeldAug 02 2005

The Chanel exhibition at the Met showcases the fashion designs of Coco Chanel as well as the more recent fashions of Karl Lagerfeld's design. The exhibition attempts to draw parallels between the older Chanel fashions and Lagerfeld's newer work (words like "interpretation" and "reinvention" sprinkled the exhibition walls), but I had a hard time seeing Coco's influence in much of his work. Seems more like Lagerfeld is out on his own, which is in keeping with his thoughts in this 2001 interview with Paper magazine. Initially he says he hates "nothing more than people who only look in one direction, which means only in their direction" but then that he finds it hard to collaborate with others (except with himself). Then:

When I do my own things, I'm not really too interested in other people telling me what to do.

Lagerfeld is a fascinating figure and may have captured the cultural zeitgeist of the 80s and 90s in Chanel's fashions, but I don't know if I buy any of this reinvention business. If you'd like the check out the exhibit for yourself, you'd better hurry...it's only on for a few more days.

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