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Las Manitas closed foreverSep 04 2008

SXSW will never be the same again: Las Manitas is closed forever to make way for a Marriott Hotel complex. The patio out back = good times.

72 degrees this early in March means eatingMar 10 2006

72 degrees this early in March means eating lunch outside. (And 90 in Austin this weekend? Woo!)

Keynoting(!) at SXSW 2006Feb 14 2006

Through an improbable series of clerical errors, I am scheduled to participate in a "keynote conversation" about professional blogging with Heather Armstrong at SXSW in Austin, Texas next month. Armstrong, so the story goes, got fired for blogging at work and was rewarded with a loving husband, cutie-pie daughter, photogenic dog, several television appearances, hundreds of media mentions, and a new job -- talking about poop all day -- that supports her entire family. And so but by the way, she's also headlining the entire SXSW Festival along with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Neil Young. Which makes me approximately chopped liver. When I told Meg about the headlining thing, she said, "boy, that conversation had better be good". Pressure's on, Heather.

To sum up, a piece of chopped liver will be having a chat with a nice lady from Utah next month about blogging for groceries. Should be fun.

Alternative photography (pinhole cameras, daguerreotypes, gum bichromateFeb 02 2006

Alternative photography (pinhole cameras, daguerreotypes, gum bichromate prints) is making a small comeback in the midst of the digital photography revolution. Here's some of Adam Lubroth's work and an exhibition in Austin, TX of "historical photographic approaches in the digital age".

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