Middle school students in Indiana and Australia  OCT 21 2005

Middle school students in Indiana and Australia are building edible moon rovers, with the idea that if you're going to ship a car to the moon or Mars, why not have it be edible when you get there?

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TokenMormon43 21 2005 1:43PM

They should make the rovers out of crackers, so they'll have something to eat with all that delicious moon cheese.

Stephen12 21 2005 8:12PM

Was I the only one who instantly thought of this [imdb.com] when I read that?

Amy55 21 2005 9:55PM

That's wonderful; it makes me wish I still taught middle school science. Middle schoolers always jumped all over design challenges in my school.

Bruce01 23 2005 7:01PM

On a pedantic note, there's no such thing as a 'middle school' in Australia... only primary school and high school. Having said that, I hope the Australian kids come up with a design that goes well with Vegemite!

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