Music video for Breathe Me by Sia,  SEP 17 2005

Music video for Breathe Me by Sia, that song at the end of the last episode of Six Feet Under.

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Shahid55 17 2005 4:55PM

Interesting video.

Tim34 17 2005 5:34PM

Wasn't there a video using the same technique on the front page of Our Media on the day they launched?

Tim35 17 2005 5:35PM

Hit send too fast.

That is, the same *general* technique. This is much more elaborate.

philip r07 17 2005 7:07PM

similar technique (more whimsically employed) in oliver gondry's video for les fils de teuphu's "bricoleur" here (weird quicktime player skin, click on the trackname)

Patrick Moberg08 18 2005 8:08PM

This song is impossible to find! iTunes has it availible, but you have to buy the entire Six Feet Under soundtrack to get it, which is a great compilation, but I have several of the songs. So the $12.99 doesn't seem reasonable. Yep.

Luke42 19 2005 8:42AM

Hooray for aussie indie music! :D

shelley Noble17 19 2005 7:17PM

Thanks to Jason and fellow commentors for the great links.

Duncan05 20 200511:05AM

It was also used in the Channel 4 Series NY-LON in the UK last year. The soundtrack is available on Amazon in the US & UK.

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