Helvetica vs. Arial. Two of the world's  SEP 16 2005

Helvetica vs. Arial. Two of the world's most popular typefaces battle it out for supremacy.

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backus34 16 2005 2:34PM

Much more fun than I should be having at work.

Tess21 16 2005 3:21PM

Battle of the Fonts.

Ryan25 16 2005 3:25PM

Oh, there's no need for a battle. We already know that Arial is crap.

Brian Kelley43 16 2005 3:43PM

Foolish typefaces -- Palatino reigns supreme. Serifs forever!

Jason R16 16 2005 4:16PM

are you trying to get me fired? Its bad enough I read your site at work, now you're giving me entertaining diversions?

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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