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Cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit Sung in Classical Latin

This is so highbrow that it’s looped back around to being lowbrow: a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit sung in classical Latin.

Sine lúce, angor minus
Oblectáte, nunc híc sumus
Mé sentió aeger, stultus
Oblectáte, nunc híc sumus
Barbarus, albínus, culex et, mea libídó
Hei! Hae, ha ha ha ha!

See also Bardcore: Medieval-Style Covers of Pop Songs. (via open culture)

Discussion  2 comments

Emily F

In HS, my year 4 Latin final was to translate a piece of contemporary literature. Which is how a music video of my friend hanging out the passenger side of his best friend's ride to the beat of "Nolo Nulla Scrubs" came to be.

William Layher

So funny, Emily. "No Scrubs" is a great text (quote-unquote) for throwing in lots of different ways to say NOPE in Latin.

Just curious about your reaction to the Nirvana piece, 5th line. Barbarus for mullatto? I guess from a certain perspective, maybe it fits.
Wondering if anybody found a different expression (that still scans well).

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