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Media packaging mashups

Recently a number of efforts have been made at re-imagining the packaging for movies, books, video games, and other media, mostly mashups and in the illustration style of typical of Saul Bass’ movie posters or Penguin Classics book covers. I’ve collected several examples below.

Olly Moss

Olly Moss made Penguin-like book covers for video games like Ocarina of Time and Half-Life.

M. S. Corley made Penguin-like versions of the Harry Potter books.

I Can Read Movies

In his I Can Read Movies series, spacesick imagines Penguin-like book covers for movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Sixteen Candles, and Back to the Future.

Forrest Lucero designed Penguin-like book covers for songs from The Postal Service and Daft Punk.

Olly Moss

Olly Moss also did simple red/white/black posters for some of his favorite movies, including Die Hard and The Deer Hunter.

A bunch of people on Flickr imagined Nintendo DS tie-in games for movies like Andy Warhol’s Empire, Eyes Wide Shut, and 8 1/2. They also did some for TV shows, magazines, web sites, and all sorts of other media.

Criterion video games

The folks on the NeoGAF message board made Criterion Collection-style box art for video games like Super Mario Galaxy, Black and White, and Super Mario 64.

Nikolay Saveliev

Nikolay Saveliev made simple two-color album covers for the likes of Kanye West, Jessica Simpson, and Franz Ferdinand.

Update: Modernist editions of classic album covers. (thx, zach)

Update: Logan Walters is redoing Wu-Tang Clan album covers.

Update: Classic albums reimagined as Pelican books.

Update: Simple Star Wars posters.

Update: Brandon Schaefer did some simple Blu-ray sleeve for movies, very much in the style of Olly Moss. Exergian did some posters for TV shows; the one for Weeds is particularly nice.

Weeds poster

Update: Books as web services.

Update: Panic made some Atari 2600-themed packaging for their software. (thx, daniel)