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A relativistic examination of gravity in theOct 11 2005

A relativistic examination of gravity in the galaxy may indicate that the invention of dark matter may not be necessary to solve the not-enough-matter problem. "The motions of stars in galaxies is realized in general relativity's equations without the need to invoke massive halos of exotic 'dark matter' that nobody can explain by current physics."

Update: mjt has doubts about the paper referenced here and notes that there's other evidence for dark matter that is not questioned by the above study.

The existence and behavior of dark matterSep 09 2005

The existence and behavior of dark matter is puzzling indeed, but some UK astrophysicists speculate that adding three more spacial dimensions to the universe explains the gravitational behavior of dark matter. If they exist, these extra dimensions would be about a nanometer across. A baby step toward string theory?

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