Harry Partch  ADAM LISAGOR  ·  DEC 06 2007

I'm a philosophic man, seduced into carpentry.
-Harry Partch

The Japan Society in New York is currently staging "Delusion of the Fury," the best-known work of Harry Partch. Partch was a pioneer of microtonal music who began modifying conventional instruments, then eventually manufacturing his own instruments in order to write music that conventional instruments couldn't play. In this video from 1968, he is seen playing an instrument of his creation, the harmonic canon.

Update: Ben Tesch, who launched the collaborative weather site cumul.us in October, also developed a site for American Mavericks in honor of Harry Partch and his music. The site allows you to play virtual recreations of a large selection of Partch's instruments. It's very cool.

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