The top-ten 8-bit games. Can't argue with  MAY 03 2007

The top-ten 8-bit games. Can't argue with the top 5 too much, but the other selections might be a bit off. Whither Metroid? And Tetris?

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Dan Boland55 03 2007 4:55PM

Lists like these are always maddeningly subjective, but I'd have to say that the top 6 are hard to argue with. I still play Tecmo Super Bowl on my MacBook to this day.

anon43 03 2007 5:43PM

Not bad, but warn us next time a link auto plays a video and resizes the screen. That kind of stuff nearly crashes my horrible computer.

adb00 03 2007 6:00PM

Pretty good, but where's Metroid?

Nice to see River City Ransom on there, though. That game is wonderful in so many ways.

Martin42 03 2007 8:42PM

Hey, they only included console games! Where's Elite? Or Paradroid? Or The Sentinel? Or the Infocom games?

Eric Stoller52 03 2007 8:52PM

This brings back some memories... I love the side scrolling goodness!
River City Ransom?

Super Mario 3 was more addictive than crack. Fortunately I never had a console at home and was only able to quench my 80's gaming thirst at friend's houses.

I love the sound for these games. It makes me want to bust out a synthesizer.

pauldwaite50 04 2007 5:50AM

> Fortunately I never had a console at home

Fortunately??? Never did me any harm. *Twitch.*

Shaun12 04 2007 9:12AM

Were they sponsored by Nintendo ?

They seem to have completely forgot about the Atari, Sinclair, Commodore and other 8 bit computers and consoles that dominated the earlier part of the '8bit era'.

Missing out BombJack, Manic Miner, Pitfall and Thrust is a sin beyond comparison.

minxlj31 04 200711:31AM

Tetris is my favourite, it's a classic!! Manic Miner was pretty cool too.

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