A thoughtful article on how to make  FEB 20 2007

A thoughtful article on how to make it as an actor by Jenna Fischer, the actress who plays Pam on The Office. "I have a great acting coach who says that success in Hollywood is based on one thing: opportunity meets readiness. You cannot always control the opportunities, but you can control the readiness. So study your craft, take it seriously. Do every play, every showcase, every short film, every student film you can get. Swallow your pride. Be willing to work for nothing in things you think are stupid. Make work for yourself. Make your own luck. Don't complain. Hopefully, the work will find you if you are ready." Worth reading even if you're not an actor. (thx, dunstan)

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R J Keefe11 20 2007 2:11PM

This is very good advice, of course. But I wonder if people with genuine vocations need it - and if people without vocations will get more than guilt out of it. Vocations are like love in that respect.

Scott27 20 2007 2:27PM

Her myspace blog is really very good. Apparently they are on live computers all day while they're shooting, and they have to look busy, so they hang out on the web. Just like real office workers.

J.D., who has a crush on Jenna Fischer38 20 2007 2:38PM

RJ, people with vocations absolutely need this. This is what makes people able to ditch the drudgery of the "real world" and turn their avocations into vocations. This is wonderful advice, of course, and it's at the core of many success books, manuals, and programs. But you can't hear it enough.

People needn't feel guilty if they don't pursue readiness, but they should recognize that missed opportunities are a result of not fulfilling their end of the bargain. This is a great piece. Thanks, Jason.

emdot23 20 2007 5:23PM

What a great, inspirational, honest read.

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