Ellen Lupton is up on stage now  SEP 16 2005

Ellen Lupton is up on stage now talking about dumb quotes, weird scaling, and pseudo italics.

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Paulo20 16 200512:20PM

Ah yes, I just bought Ellen's Thinking With Type, to compensate for my never having any of her typography/design classes when I was studying Digital Art in MICA, and it's an excellent resource. Except for where she calls standards-based designers "HTML purists."

raymont12 16 2005 1:12PM

Ironically the website that rails against Dumb Quotes is littered with them: http://www.fonts.com/UsefulLinks/LinkToUs.htm (sidebar mentions "Clicks"). Great post nonetheless.

Rob47 16 2005 1:47PM

Ellen rocks! Damn I wish I was there to say hi, though I do occassionally see her on campus at MICA. And as for her book, well there is nothing better out there for teaching or learning about type and typography.

a superhero by night07 16 2005 3:07PM

Shouldn't all this stuff be common knowledge to Designers at the AIGA Conference? That stuff seems to be pretty elementary to me. But I like Ms. Lupton, so I'm sure that she knows what she's doing at one of these conferences that I've never been to.

Steven21 16 2005 3:21PM

that's so weird. i delivered her mail this afternoon.

Summer55 16 2005 3:55PM

As an undergrad at MICA, I had no idea Ellen was such a big deal, but I keep seeing her name everywhere. Maybe all these classes I have will amount to something after all. Too bad I'm not a GD major...

agrayspace07 16 2005 4:07PM

even though her book is an excellent resource and I am sure the lecture is entertaining enough. It seems a little elementary to be discussing in forum like that

jkottke09 16 2005 5:09PM

It was sort of odd presentation and doesn't translate well to hearing about it secondhand. It was meant to be light-hearted and was done tongue-in-cheek (because, like you guys pointed out, most in the audience are well aware of these issues).

jaded50 21 200510:50AM

I'd like to rail against smart quotes used in place of inch and foot marks. For example, I drove by a truck that had a sign saying—Stay back 15'—and the foot mark was a closed single quote.

Perfidio13 22 2005 2:13PM

are you trying to get me fired? It's bad enough I read your site at work, now you're giving me entertaining diversions?

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