Someone got fired for reading MetaFilter at work  AUG 26 2003

Someone got fired for reading MetaFilter at work. Are you happy now, Matt?

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Matt Haughey24 27 200312:24AM

Other strangeness related to blogs: someone that frequented Joi Ito's blog and IRC channel was fired from Apple, and another IRC regular recently took his own life.

It's a crazy world.

Pat C.12 27 2003 1:12AM

I read the long and overwhelmingly sympathetic MetaTalk thread about this. But I ask myself: what part of "NSFW text" - as the post was marked - did the firee not understand?

$name52 27 2003 2:52AM

Pat - you'll have to re-read the thread a little more carefully for the answer.

Matt - it's almost as if the people online are real people who exist in the outside world ... ;)

Mark51 27 200310:51AM

I think the real lesson here is: Don't work at an insurance brokerage.

Pat C.35 27 200311:35AM

$name - Yes, on re-reading I see the offensive text was in the thread as opposed to the site linked in the post, but still... Two weeks into a new job you need to be a litttle careful about such things. A NSFW post might result in a NSFW thread. (Says he who works from home.)

Lynsey13 27 2003 2:13PM

Jason and or Greg, I don't understand why you would ask Matt if this firing after MeFi viewing would make him happy. Sounds pretty meanspirited of one or both of you...

Craniac48 27 2003 3:48PM

It's not clear that the apple guy was fired for blogging, but for dinking around while software compiled.

Lynsey: I think Matt and Jason know each other and his post is not meant to be taken that way.

greg.org09 27 2003 6:09PM

and I just admire Matt from afar, but steer clear of most MeFi threads for elitist reasons.

Mary Veer42 28 2003 6:42AM

That woman who was fired for the mefi NSFW pedo-post was just plain STUPID for reading that at work. If I was her supervisor or boss, I would have fired her too. Enough said.

Caroline27 28 200311:27AM

She was stupid for reading Metafilter at work? Mary, she was fired for reading the discussion on Metafilter. Not the page the post linked to.

jkottke18 28 200312:18PM

Caroline, I think Mary's point is that the woman shouldn't have been doing personal reading on work time, which, from the standpoint of a company concerned with employees "stealing time" at work, is hard to argue with. (Although my personal view is that employees should have a little latitude in doing personal stuff during work time, unless it becomes a problem for a particular employee in getting their work done.)

jca52 28 2003 5:52PM

While I agree with the "safe work behavior" mandates - this doesn't have to turn into a "We told you so" / "She asked for it" pile on. Then everyone starts to sound like a lawyer and/or Fox News.

Craniac25 28 200310:25PM

In some religious circles the phrase "avoid the very appearance of evil" gets thrown around. Given that, in regards to certain topics, we are approaching a weird sort of censorial fundamentalism, perhaps that is useful, but unfortunate advice.

Caroline10 29 200310:10AM

Oh. OK. (It's hard to fathom when you work involves reading websites all day.)

Caroline11 29 200310:11AM

(I hope I'll never become a boss who fires people for reading. I hope I never become a boss.)

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