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Mary(s) Seacole tells the powerful story of forgotten black women

posted by Chrysanthe Tenentes   Apr 08, 2019

I was lucky enough to see Marys Seacole last week at Lincoln Center’s Claire Tow Theater and immediately regretted not seeing it sooner so I could tell everyone I know about this important show. The friend who brought me called it “woke theater,” but I’d describe it as humane activism. It whispered when it could have shouted and shouted when it could have whispered, and blew me away with its sensitivity and power when addressing race, womanhood, colonialism, and interconnection.

At least now I know about Brooklyn-based playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury so I can tell you not to miss her next production.

Do read up on the fascinating life of Jamaican nurse/businesswoman Mary Seacole, who spent significant time tending wounded soldiers during the Crimean War, but who has long been overlooked in British colonial history. And please tell me about other emerging playwrights I should know about!

Shakespeare with its original pronounciation

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 09, 2013

Speaking of inexpensive time travel, listen as David and Ben Crystal perform selections from Shakespeare in the original accent, as it would have been heard at the Globe in the early 1600s.

(via @KBAndersen)

“Jake Shears” of the Scissor Sisters is

posted by Choire Sicha   Jan 18, 2008

“Jake Shears” of the Scissor Sisters is working with Jeff Whitty (of “Avenue Q”) (both former go-go boys!) on a musical of “Tales of the City.” Musical theater just somehow got a whole lot gayer!

“Rent,” the worst musical in the history

posted by Choire Sicha   Jan 16, 2008

“Rent,” the worst musical in the history of musicals, grossed more than $280 million dollars on Broadway since April, 1996—and grossed another $330 million in national tours. (The 2005 movie version of “Rent,” by the way, only grossed $31 million worldwide.) Because I’m a terrible judge of everything, I was convinced at the time that it would close in workshops. Now, at last, “Rent” will close on Broadway this June. Too late!