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WolframAlpha launches

posted by Jason Kottke   May 18, 2009

If you're skeptical of WolframAlpha (as I was), you should watch this introduction by Stephen Wolfram. The comparison to Google (usually "is WolframAlpha a Google killer?") is not a good one but the new service could learn a little something from the reigning champion: hide the math. One of the geniuses of Google is that it took simple input and gave simple output with a whole lot of complexity in between that no one saw and few people cared about. Plus the underlying premise of the complex computation was simplified, branded (PageRank!), and became a value proposition for Google: here's what the web itself thinks is important about your query.

WolframTones lets you generate and download ringtones

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 12, 2005

WolframTones lets you generate and download ringtones based on patterns created by cellular automata systems. Anything's better than the Crazy Frog, yeah?