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Design a NYC mini golf course

An organization called FIGMENT is building an 18-hole mini golf course on Governors Island and they are accepting design proposals through March 31 from artists, designers, and other would-be mini golf course builders.

The Challenge: Design and construct a single hole for this mini golf course, following the theme “City of Dreams.” Designs will be judged and selected on creativity, structural integrity, playability, feasibility, adherence to theme and budget.

(via hustler of culture)

Fun little mini golf game in Flash

Fun little mini golf game in Flash.

NY Times on professional miniature golf

NY Times on professional miniature golf. I won a mini golf tournament once and even have a trophy to prove it.

A list of mini golf holes based on movies

A list of mini golf holes based on movies. “Raiders of the Lost Ark: You must putt the ball precisely into the idol’s head, or a 15-foot-high, 1-ton golf ball comes rolling after you.”