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Can I Lick It? (Yes, You Can?!)

a periodic table of the elements organized by if the element can be licked or not without dying or getting sick

Is the periodic table yummy? Well, it depends on the element. But if you’ve ever wondered if a little taste of xenon or iridium would do you any harm, this periodic table is for you.

See also What If You Swallowed All Elements of the Periodic Table?. (via @anewplacetohide)

Discussion  5 comments

David Nir

What is the source on the table?

Jason KottkeMOD

Ah, I forgot the link: Can I lick it?

Bruce C Mansfield

Love the Tribe reference!

Brian Pan

Source: The big bang for H and He, stellar evolution for the rest?

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Warren Stevens

There’s a chapter in “What if?” By Randall Munroe called “periodic wall of the elements” that should probably be read in tandem while licking elements. Like, if you have them all in the same room, well, that’s it for you. ;-)

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