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Beer Me, Obi-Wan!

When the Star Wars films aired in Chile, instead of cutting away from the movie for commercial breaks, the TV station “seamlessly” inserted ads for Cerveza Cristal beer. We’re talking Obi-Wan opening a chest to find a lightsaber for Luke and instead it reveals a ice-chest full of beer. Or the Emperor Force-reaching for a lightsaber and a can of beer flies into his hand. And of course the whole thing has turned into a meme.

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Brady J. Frey

I love it.

Michael Sippey

George Lucas loves this.

John R Burnett

I suppose the movie would continue after the ad with the real footage, of grabbing the lightsaber or whatever? It would end up with a weird Ally McBeal dream sequence “take two” vibe. I’ve had worse ad experiences lately, I don’t hate it!

Dave Sandell

My friend in Chile said that it would lead into a normal commercial break and then resume with the original unaltered scene.

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MacRae Linton

Yeah I'd love to see a clip where the movie continued after the ad. As is these just seem like ads that were made out of clips from Star Wars, unclear if there's a source for them being inserted into the broadcast of the actual movie.

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