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The Age of Realistic AI-Generated Video Is Here

OpenAI unveiled their prototype video generator called Sora. It does text-to-video and a ton more. Just check out the videos here and here — I literally cannot believe what I’m seeing.

For reference, this is what AI-generated video looked like a year ago. For more context and analysis, check out Marques Brownlee video about Sora:

(via waxy)

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Richard Roper

Thinking about how this technology will be used makes me so, so, so tired.

Ryan Miller

My friend who runs a production company sent me this link this morning and said "Goodbye jobs (mine)".

But, this same friend and I have talked a lot about grit vs talent. I think AI is definitely going to take some of the grit - the pure skills, the technicalities, etc... but I'm not sure it's going to take the talent (the eye for what actually looks good - just yet) but this stuff is just wild. And terrifying. And really cool.

Agree with Richard - in short it is making me tired too.

Ben Meissner

Yep, makes me tired, too, especially at this particular moment in time. If we had a robust safety net, tech leaders with morals, and government that actually cared about governing, maybe a different story, but well *waves at the world*.

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Tra H

Marques Brownlee said it best in his video "[These videos] can and will pass as real videos to people who are not looking for AI-generated videos. Now that is obviously insanely sketchy during an election year in the U.S. and also terrifying for a bunch of other internet-related reasons"

I wish we had a functioning government that would get off their butts and make some sensible regulations around this tech. Like right now just pass a law that makes it illegal to represent real people in AI-generated audio or voice without express written consent, and make it so everything AI-generated has to have a clearly visible watermark. Maybe make some law that heavily taxes any company that uses AI technology in place of humans. It's obvious this tech is shifting the ground from under our fee and I'm not sure why we're just letting tech companies impose that on us as if there's no way to prevent at lease some of the worse case scenarios.

Jason KottkeMOD

From Aftermath, AI Video Is A Scam.

Jasper Nighthawk

Jason, I’m loving how you’re using the reply feature to post follow-up links, especially on more in-the-news type stories.

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