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Cool New Music: Waxahatchee, “Right Back to It” and “Bored”

I’ve probably listened to “Right Back to It,” the first single from indie folk-rock musician Waxahatchee’s forthcoming album Tigers Blood, at least 40 times since it came out a few weeks ago. The album’s second single, “Bored” (also good), came out last week, and the album itself is due out March 22. I haven’t been this excited for new music in as long as I can remember. I even ordered a t-shirt from the website (two, actually) — the first time I’ve ever done that in my life!

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Brian Moen

Yes! Those new songs are so good. Can't wait to see Waxahatchee play at The Salt Shed in Chicago in April.

Jay Chilton

Her last album, Saint Cloud, is easily the thing I’ve listened to the most in the last 4 years (probably 10 years). Some records that came out around the same time like the Strokes one and the Fiona Apple one still sound like early days pandemic to me in a way that makes them hard to revisit, but Saint Cloud somehow transcends that, and her collaborative album with Jess Williamson from 2022 is almost as much of a delight. I’m glad this new one is shaping up to be good, too.

Eric Murray

Agreed. Especially the first three tracks on that album. Perfection.

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Caroline G.

Her album, Saint Cloud, kept me afloat during those the first weeks of the pandemic. I have also been playing “Right Back At It” on repeat. I find that sometimes new music from a beloved artist can take some getting used to (yes, I’m one of those people who doesn’t like when musicians play new music at their concerts), but this song was perfect from the first listen.

Broccoli of Doom

This is great stuff. I know I've seen some Portland, OR folks posting here, so I'd point out that they're going to be playing in the outdoor concert series at Pioneer Square and the tickets go on sale this week here

Daniel Knapp

So exciting to see they have a new album coming out! Thank you for the heads up :-)

Dave Thompson

"Plains" I Walk With You a Ways was the best album of '22 in my mind. Little Tweedy lays it down and the harmonies break your heart. Can't wait to hear the rest of this one. Thx for the preview.

CW Moss

That "Right Back to It" song is truly astounding. I found it deeply moving and made it a little hard to breathe. Thank you for sharing, Edith!


Waxahatchee’s occasional collaborator Hurray for the Riff Raff also has a new record coming out — the fourth track turned up today. You might like it too.

Brian Moen
Kelsey P.

This whole new album by Hurray for the Riff Raff is endearing, but the song “Snake Plant” is profound. Makes me feel weepy as I imagine them singing these words to an earlier self, earlier selves. Thank you for pointing us to Alynda!


A bonanza today: this Waxahatchee record is out, and Adrianne Lenker's Bright Future is out too.

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Laura VW

I have also listened to Right Back to It about 40 times. I feel grateful to get to listen to her work, and her captivating voice. I was lucky enough to see her perform live here in the U.K. last year, and she held the attention of the whole room - no one made a sound until each song ended.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

I wish I’d been there! Captivating is the right word.

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Kelsey P.

Thank you, Edith, for surfacing Waxahatchee and all these musician recommendations in the comments today. “Right Back To It” called to the part of me that’s mostly given up on finding music that I connect with, as I’ve spent recent years only met by the nostalgia of prior loved songs. Meanwhile my kids have me listening to vehicle-themed albums and Taylor Swift kidz bops for nearly every drive. It’s such a gift to feel moved by an artist working today, to look up concert dates again…

Kelsey P.

Okay, so I’ve listened to “Right Back to It” a million times at this point, even while jogging this morning though I wouldn’t say folk is ideal running music. My sisters and I are going to see her live at an outdoor amphitheater show with my small kids in tow in two months… Really grateful for the introduction, Edith.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

I’m so glad, Kelsey! And I had the exact same experience: For me, that song also “called to the part of me that’s mostly given up on finding music that I connect with, as I’ve spent recent years only met by the nostalgia of prior loved songs.” Same, 100%. It was such a pleasure to feel this way about something new.

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