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Cupertino, we have a problem

My iPhone bubble abruptly popped this evening when I tried my Shure E3c earphones (the best pair of earphones I’ve ever owned and far superior to the Apple earbuds) with the iPhone and they didn’t work. The ones that came with the iPhone work fine. On their site, Apple says:

iPhone has a standard 3.5-mm headphone jack, so it is compatible with most portable stereo headphones. Some stereo headphones may require an adapter (sold separately) to ensure proper fit.

The earbuds from a v3 iPod didn’t work either. The E3c plug is 3.5 mm and the earphones are about 2 years old. Is anyone else having problems with their earphones? I don’t understand why this is even an issue. Very irritating.

Update: Others are having similar problems with headphones not fitting. Looks like it’s the plastic sheath around the plug that’s the problem. (thx, sean)

Update: I cut away a bit of the E3c’s sheath with my trusty Exacto knife and it now fits in the jack. I’d love to know the reason for recessing that plug so much…besides pure aethetics of course; it just seems like too much of a trade-off.