posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 19, 2007

Perhaps the highest praise I can offer for Helvetica comes courtesy of Meg, who was snickering on the way into the theater about going to see a movie about a font and exited saying, ?that was great, now I want to be a designer!? The rest of the audience, mostly designers and type folks, loved it as well. But for the non-design folks, what?s compelling about the movie is getting a glimpse of how designers think and work; that it?s not just about making things look pretty. The modern world is awash in signage and symbols and words and for a lot of them, especially the corporate messages, there?s a reason why they look the way they do. The story of Helvetica offers a partial key to decoding these messages.

Check out some clips from the film and the screenings schedule to find out when Helvetica will be showing in your area. Thanks to the fine folks at Veer for inviting me to the screening.