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Apologizing for not posting much lately is liable to get a fellow burned at the stake around these parts but since I’m feeling a little chilly today, I figured why not. Things outside have been taking up much of my attention for the last week or so and they’ve made posting here regularly and with gusto more difficult than usual. Apologies.

But also, and more relevantly, I’ve been working on a number of improvements for and I’m finally rolling some of them out. On the front-end, the part you see, the changes are relatively minor but things are working differently now on the back-end. I’m still using Movable Type to edit the site, but now there’s a layer of PHP that takes what MT spits out, works some magic, and presents it to you folks, an arrangement that is probably a little nuts to anyone who knows their bangs from their octothorpes, but it promises to allow me more flexibility with how I want to present things around here.

Anyway, here’s what’s new:

  • Slight changes on the front page, including dates for the short entries and separate listings for each movie “review”.
  • Monthly archives are now combined. Instead of going to separate pages to see the December 2006 entries for movies, books, remaindered links, and main entries, all entries are presented on one page. Books and movies are still available on their own pages.
  • A pared down the archive page to remove the superfluous monthly archives, as well as little changes to pages here and there for the same reason.
  • Something fun: a page of random posts from the archives, featuring lots of broken links, really poor writing, but also some nice posts from back when. The posts randomize every time I update, which is every hour or two during the day.

That’s it for now. There will be more over the weekend, I hope, including some looooooooooooooooooong overdue changes to the RSS feeds and remaindered links. As always, your bug reports, questions, and concerns are appreciated and may be directed to [email protected].