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Pluto mnemonic device contest results

After hearing the news that Pluto had been demoted from its full planetary status in the solar system, Meg and I decided to hold a contest to find a new mnemonic device for the planets, replacing the old “My very elegant mother just served us nine pizzas” (among others). The mnemonic could work for either the new 8 planet line-up, the 8 major + 3 dwarf planets, or the old 9 planet arrangement in protest of Pluto’s demotion. Thanks to everyone who entered; we received a bunch of great entries and it was hard to choose a winner. But first place goes to Josh Mishell for:

My! Very educated morons just screwed up numerous planetariums.

Josh’s protest mnemonic is memorable, topical, and goes beyond a simple description of the shameful proceedings in Prague to real-world consequences. As the winning entrant, Josh will receive a print from HistoryShots…we’re suggesting Race to the Moon. Congratulations to Josh.

Now, some runners-up. These came very close to winning:

Many Very Earnest Men Just Snubbed Unfortunate Ninth Planet (Dave Child)

“My vision, erased. Mercy! Just some underachiever now.” (Delia, as spoken by Pluto discoverer Clyde Tombaugh)

Most vexing experience, mother just served us nothing! (Bart Baxter)

There were several entries that referenced vegetarianism and veganism; this haiku by Evan Norris was my favorite:

most vegans envy
my jovian silhouette,
not usually

Update: A reader noted that Evan’s haiku incorrectly swaps the positions of Neptune and Uranus. Happily, “usually not” works just as well. (thx, peter)

The honorary mention for lack of sophistication goes to Andrea Harner and Jonah Peretti for:

Molesting Very Excitedly, Michael Jackson Sucks Underage Nipples

Best foreign language award goes to Bernardo Carvalho for his Portuguese mnemonic (remember, “Earth” is something like “Terra” in Portuguese so the t fits. And we’ll ignore the e too…):

minha velha, traga meu jantar: sopa, uva, nozes e pĆ£o (Translated: “Old woman, bring me dinner: soup, grapes, nuts and bread”)

And here are some of the best of the rest:

Mollifying voluminous egos means judiciously striking underappreciated named planetoid (Bruce Turner)

Most Virgins Eventually Marry Jocks So Unscrupulously Naughty (Aaron Arcello)

Morons Violate Every Map Just So UFOs Navigate Poorly (Sean Tevis)

My violin emits minimal joy since union nixed Pluto (C.D.)

Maximum velocity earns many joyous shouts, unless not planetary (Scott Tadman)

Thanks again to everyone who entered!