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The hidden structure to Jackson Pollock's paintingsSep 25 2009

Did Jackson Pollock hide his name in one of his most well-known paintings?

Pollock's possibly writing his name in Mural testifies to an overlooked feature of his works: they have a structure, contrary to the popular notion that they could be done by any 5-year-old with a knack for splatters. In my view, Pollock organized the painting around his name according to a compositional system-vertical markings that serve as the loci of rhythmic spirals-borrowed directly from his mentor, Benton.

Try and find it for yourself.

Hmm, perhaps Richard Taylor's fractal analysis ofDec 04 2006

Hmm, perhaps Richard Taylor's fractal analysis of Jackson Pollock paintings isn't that useful after all.

Paddy Johnson wrote a nice feature onNov 15 2006

Paddy Johnson wrote a nice feature on Teri Horton's $5 thrift store Jackson Pollock and the movie about her struggle to authenticate and sell the painting. Johnson also published part of her interview with Horton on Art Fag City.

Is this mess of a painting boughtNov 10 2006

Is this mess of a painting bought at a thrift shop for $5 a Jackson Pollock worth $50 million? I wonder if Richard Taylor has been contacted to examine the painting.

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