Marc Jacobs profile  AUG 28 2008

Nice profile of fashion designer Marc Jacobs, creative head of Louis Vuitton, in the New Yorker this week. Jacobs used to be a chunky unfashionable pasty-white kind of guy but has recently started dressing the part and now looks like he could model for one of LV's magazine ads.

Jacobs walked outside to the back garden, to take in the evening amid the boxwood. "I like the fact that people are sort of commenting on my appearance," he said. "I work on these things! So to have them recognized, even if sometimes I don't like the way they're recognized, I like that they are, and I feel good that I can admit that, instead of being ashamed." He paused. "I'm going to get a 'shameless' tattoo next," he said, the Eiffel Tower sparkling behind him in the night sky. "That's what I think everyone should aspire to in life: being shameless."

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