Top 5 Ironic Versions of Oasis' Wonderwall. (via zach)  OCT 20 2005

Top 5 Ironic Versions of Oasis' Wonderwall. (via zach)

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Dave Goossen04 20 2005 3:04PM

But what about Paul Anka's killer cover version?

Brian Van41 20 2005 3:41PM

This list is sadly incomplete. It's missing the Mike Flowers Pops version.

camille23 20 2005 4:23PM

what does ironic even mean anymore if those versions count as ironic? am i missing something here?

Cary47 20 2005 9:47PM

Somebody should link to these versions, especially Adams version.

Glenn18 21 2005 7:18PM

I've heard Adams' cover and I don't think it's ironic. Artists like him don't tend to do ironic covers. (Though the
argument could be made that his entire Rock and Roll album is ironic.)

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