Need your help  SEP 16 2005

Are you at the AIGA conference? Are you taking notes? Are those notes on a computer or posted to a blog? There are several sessions going on at a time now and I'm trying to get to as many as I can without, you know, going insane. If you've got notes (especially from sessions I didn't get to) and you don't mind sharing them, send them along and I'll put them up on the site. If you're blogging, send your links or post them in the comments below. Thanks!

ps. Did anyone go to the yoga at 6:30am this morning? What percentage of the participants were hung over? Was everyone in black?

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Squeakypants34 18 200512:34PM

Sounds like you're having fun. ;)

thomas m57 21 2005 3:57PM

i was there. if any of my photos will help your blog, feel free to use them. send me an email if you credit me, i'll give you my full name

Lindsay26 23 2005 2:26PM

No, did not make it to the Yoga class at 6:30am. (6:30 is way too damn early to be getting up when you're on vacation and no, not because I was hung over.) No, I was not wearing black either. Not to say the other 99.99% of the attendees weren't, though.

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