"You are now a ninja"  APR 15 2004

"You are now a ninja".

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Bard Edlund49 15 200411:49AM

heheh, a very useful lesson indeed. great find. somehow the xmas tree really improves the fierce ninjaness.

Shane Cavanaugh27 15 200412:27PM

I used this for the past Halloween. Then I put on a blazer and a belt around that because I had only an hour to get my costume together. I was Mr. Ninja Fancy-Pants.

monkeyinabox11 15 2004 1:11PM

This is very useful. I won a book on Pixelsurgeon called 'Secrets of the Ninja' and I saw this posted before, so I truly am the office ninja, but no one knows it!

Kaijima23 15 2004 2:23PM

Actually, at a convention last January I attended, there was a full-scale assault on the hotel by a Shirt Ninja Clan - I remember being there when they suddenly exploded out of an elevator into the lobby, yelling in broken Engrish and doing slow motion Matrix spin-kicks across the front of the hotel ^^

mathew50 15 2004 2:50PM

actually, that doesn't really explain anything. other than at real life there is a running gag about shirt ninjas

rg37 15 2004 4:37PM

This is clearly in violation of the PATRIOT act.

sarah48 15 2004 4:48PM

The Christmas tree really seals the deal for me. As though the ninja lesson were my present.

Joerg44 15 2004 6:44PM

Real Ultimate Power http://www.realultimatepower.net/ .... the Official Ninja Webpage.

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