Original Star Wars trilogy finally coming out  FEB 10 2004

Original Star Wars trilogy finally coming out on DVD in September.

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TheBrad51 10 200410:51AM

Original trilogy, my Aunt Jabba! These will be the "special editions". Harrumph.

jkottke58 10 200410:58AM

Ok, the original special editions, then. (Han shoots first!)

spygeek03 10 200412:03PM

You'd think that Lucas wouldn't be so resistant to releasing the true original versions - after all, he'd make twice the money that way.

barlow11 10 200412:11PM

If you've ever seen the original originals on laser disc (those big platter sized discs) then you know why he wanted to clean them up. The final awards ceremony in the first one (episode IV) is hilarious with all the cardboard extras that you can see.

Mike36 10 2004 2:36PM

Han shoots first, indeed. On the other hand, the Ewoks don't sing (as much?) in the revisionist history edition.

jojo13 10 2004 7:13PM

Lot's more poop jokes in the special editions! Hurray!

Joe Kaczmarek04 10 2004 8:04PM

Only four discs?! After all this time I would expect at least a whole disc of special features per each movie. Give me a 6-disc collector's edition. Better yet, I'll just save my money for when they'll eventuall come out with the 6-movie, 18-disc ultimate platinum collector's edition (which will come some months after the 6-movie, 9-disc super collector's edition).

George L.36 11 2004 1:36AM

I'll save my ching for the day Lucas passes away and one of his inheritors does the right thing and releases the original trilogy the way it was originally released (and maybe include the Christmas Special!)

Graham00 11 2004 8:00AM

I'll only buy them if they have the Scouring of the Shire in them.

traveldom21 11 2004 2:21PM

OOhh.. Jabba the hut in DVD.. princess leah.. wow

emily55 11 2004 2:55PM

DVD is nice and all, but I'll be hanging on to my VHS original trilogy, thanks.

idogcow37 11 2004 3:37PM

I am hoping that with my new G5, a DVD burner, and a wide-screen master (Laserdisk? VHS?) I can just make my own Original Ed. DVD and not have to buy this movie any more.

Pierce45 12 2004 6:45AM

What's Star Wars?

barlow19 17 2004 5:19PM

Pierce - Star Wars is a space movie that seemed like it had really snappy dialogue and amazing special effects when you were a kid and now seems like a kid's movie full of dialogue and plot cliches. The star of the first three movies (which are now the last three movies, follow me here) was Luke Skywalker, child of the child-star of the latest three movies (now the first three movies, follow me here) and he seemed cool and masculine when I was 7 and now seems like a whining milquetoast. His father brings balance to the force by throwing an old, powerful dude (who should be able to fly anyway) down a shaft.

chris03 15 2004 1:03AM

Lucas has to be the most stubborn person. I know typical cliche, however, if I attempted to seperate myself from something that got me my break (say Star Wars) for current wants or desires. Everyone would accuse me of selling out or forgetting my roots. George Lucas has the huge cranium, yet he's not capable of making simple decisions. Remember when Episode I was released only VHS at first. He did so for greed. He's doing the same thing here. Lesson learned sell the product that's not in high demand by itself (being the special edition). Then sell what everyone wants a year or two later. What do you think?

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