Two photo bloggers take nearly identical photos  NOV 25 2003

Two photo bloggers take nearly identical photos of a rolled-up American flag located who-knows-where.. And isn't it ironic...

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Eliot16 26 200312:16PM

FYI the flag was located inside the New York City Masonic Hall on 23rd st, which both Witold and I apparently visited on Open House NY day (

Witold Riedel18 26 2003 2:18PM

Open house?... You mean, you are not...
(Well, yes, we both apparently visited the New York City Masonic Hall on the same day... hmm... some secrets are best when kept in the open...)
; )

bing54 30 2003 6:54PM

How is it ironic?

dave p.33 30 200310:33PM

It isn't ironic; it's coincidence. Perhaps the comment refers to the Alanis Morrisette song, in which most of the things she sings about aren't ironic at all.

jkottke40 01 2003 9:40PM

Gold star for Dave.

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