Subject of Linklater documentary proposes herd of  NOV 25 2003

Subject of Linklater documentary proposes herd of roaming buffalo for WTC memorial.

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greg.org22 26 2003 1:22AM

I'm interested to see it, but when it screened at Sundance in Jan, I contacted the head of the National Bison Association, who said you could only support about 2.2 head/acre, or 35 bison on the whole 16-acre site.

Not so majestic, but still, better than what's being proposed now...

ctm312 26 2003 3:12PM

What about alpacas.

donth31 29 2003 8:31PM

He's the guy that says "The world is a giant Dostoyevski novel starring clowns!" in Waking Life.

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