Get rich quick idea: have your readers  NOV 06 2003

Get rich quick idea: have your readers edit a book for you and keep the royalties for yourself.

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Glutton04 09 2003 9:04AM

There's a site called Logo Lounge that charges graphic designers $100 to have their logo designs included in a big design book. What!?!

Craniac of the Utah Desert.24 11 2003 9:24AM

How is this different from Google Hacks soliciting contributions? Or "Kottke's Greatest Hits" (out soon in paperback) --Oh wait, I didn't tell you about that one, but it involves a very loose interpretation of the creative commons license. Thanks man!

jkottke40 12 2003 1:40PM

Or "Kottke's Greatest Hits" (out soon in paperback)

Ha! Good luck selling that one.

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