From the archives: how to unshrink a wool sweater  NOV 04 2003

From the archives: how to unshrink a wool sweater.

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dowingba42 04 200310:42AM

Does this also work on "pre-shrunk" garments?

Joerg43 04 200311:43AM

Put that on your needles and knit, buddy.

dowingba24 04 2003 4:24PM

It could be useful, you if the store doesn't have any "pre-shrunk" garments in your size, but has one a size smaller...

kareem43 07 2003 4:43PM

yeeee-HAW! i shrank my favorite sweater last year too. thanks for this tip.

juliana annette49 16 2004 6:49AM

I shrunk my beautiful sweater in the wash and would like to unshrink it. Please help asap.

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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