A few brave participants have kept the  NOV 05 2003

A few brave participants have kept the Matrix Reloaded thread going for 6 months and more than 1750 comments. And I think they're excited that Revolutions opens today

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soulonice00 05 2003 3:00PM

Just saw the movie. I liked it. Wasn't life-changing, but it was cool. Impressive effects, although it'll take another viewing to wrap my head around it all.

ak28 05 2003 5:28PM

better or worse than the 2nd one?

soulonice48 05 2003 9:48PM

better. it wasn't as heavy-handed with the philosophical and religious under(over)tones. the movie starts off awfully dull, but the "war" with the machines and the overall special effects were completely worth the $6.50.

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