Futuristic Nokia cell phone designs  SEP 16 2003

Futuristic Nokia cell phone designs.

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dowingba30 16 2003 1:30AM

Those are absolutely wicked.

dtetto33 16 200311:33AM

I think they are pretty hideous.

JBlount26 16 200312:26PM

ha ha. they arn't that bad. but why is it all "futuristic technology" looks wet?

dowingba59 16 200312:59PM

In the 80's, "futuristic" meant square, rigid corners. In the 90's/00's "futuristic" means curves and wavy lines. It'll be interesting to see what "futuristic" means in ten years. I mean, what else is there other than rigid and wavy?

I think (some of) those designs are totally awesome though. Not realistically priced, I assume.

david27 16 200311:27PM

Just look like winamp skins to me.

M36 17 2003 2:36AM

The new designs are great but, my new samsung - that replaced my 3 month old nokia, that replaced my 6 month old moto, all have the same problem - Horrible sound quality, and dropped calls. How about they figure out that phone part first, then throw in the kitchen sink? What was that? Your breaking up - I'll call you back...

Justin21 17 2003 5:21AM

Some of them are nice, others look too tacky.

One thing for sure, I really doubt we'll ever see any thing but retangular screens for a long time. Sure, you may be able to make screen like that, but if you're going to be running some sort of highly functional OS, round corners are just too much of a pain to deal with, it aint worth it, yet.

Jeremias39 17 2003 9:39AM

Here's a little tip for Phone geeks. Nokia (and other sites) generally have a section on their site specifically for the press. Lots of High Resolution photos of the latest phones, many of which are not available yet. Lots of "futuristic" design already.

Link to juicy photos here

Jeremias40 17 2003 9:40AM

I mean't here:

Where's the furshlinger preview on this thing? :)

Brian58 17 200310:58AM

I believe it was Spongebob who said "In the future, everything is made of chrome." Damn your genius, Spongebob, damn it.

Jesper01 19 200310:01AM

I believe everything below the Minority Report is material from old mockups to sell people on 3G UMTS ahead of time. I don't remember the exact year but it was from the 1997-2001 period.

Munisteri Ben 55 21 2004 2:55AM

I am a hobo in the house of the lord.

kento52 27 2004 1:52PM

Yall are all freakin weirdos man I can't believe you are discussing this crap

kento52 27 2004 1:52PM

Yall are all freakin weirdos man I can't believe you are discussing this crap

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