Bit of the old buff and polish  MAR 25 2003

The endless tweaking that goes on around here continues, a substitute for the often-promised, never-realized redesign. A few changes:

- Multiple RSS files are now available on the archive page. You can now choose whether you want small, medium-sized, or full excerpts of posts in RSS. It's like Burger King: have it your way.

- Also available on the archive page are some (but not all) of the category pages, including my favorites Rip, mix, burn, Living in New York, Digital culture & society, and Ants, chaos, and cities.

- Per this conversation on managing my email, I replaced my email address in the sidebar with a link to this contact page.

- I updated the FAQ.

- I updated the about page. It is now 50% more entertaining.

- A new bio, more serious than the last one. It's not all fun and games around here, dammit!

And rigged up some behind-the-scenes stuff that will hopefully make managing the site a little easier, including an upgrade of MT with the ability to -- ba bada ba! -- close threads. A godsend.

That is all, back to your waffles.

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