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Quilts Turned Into Clothes


Emory Goods is a project run by Erin Emory, a Virginia-based seamstress/artist who, among other things, finds old, damaged, or unfinished quilts and turns them into clothing. As she put it to me in an email (I reached out to make sure I had my facts right), “I like to repurpose cutter quilts, or ones who need a little love, into new, wearable pieces so that we can keep enjoying their beauty, just in a new way!”

Emory sells her pieces primarily through Instagram, and although I haven’t yet tried to buy one, I love knowing they exist. (Emory Goods is also on Facebook, and will be reappearing on Etsy in the next few weeks.)

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Lamenting the sad state of the typography

Lamenting the sad state of the typography on girls’ asses. “This booty type is in fact similar to public signage that I’ve worked so closely with over the years: it’s meant to be seen, it’s communicating important and relevant information, it can be used to alert people of a problem (“SLUT!”), or it can simply be pointing out a scenic overlook.”

Counterfeiters print Excel function on jeans by accident

Counterfeiters print Excel function on jeans by accident. “The counterfeiters are using Excel or Access to store all the logos for their counterfeit jeans and then print them out onto leather. This is what happens when there is a bug in their software.”