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“Is it too early to feel nostalgia for the 1990s?”

New York-based films at Sundance include “The Wackness,” otherwise known as “eww, that movie where Mary-Kate Olsen makes out with Ben Kingsley.”

Is it too early to feel nostalgia for the 1990s? Apparently not. “As the world starts to move faster, you can do period pieces of times closer to the present,” said Jonathan Levine, the director-writer of an adolescent coming-of-age story set against the Giuliani era in New York….To transform the city to its less gentrified self, the filmmakers threw more garbage on the street, sprayed some more graffiti, painted a mural to Kurt Cobain and obtained a “Forrest Gump” bus poster.

Well I’m pretty sure the 90s were characterized by a feeling of already-arrived auto-nostalgia, but.