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A Diet of Media Diets

When Jason asked me to guest-blog for him, one of my first thoughts was, Omg I get to do a MEDIA DIET!!! However my recent book/TV consumption has mostly been straight P.D. James novels (fantastic, A+), with sides of C.J. Sansom and Sesame Street.

But I do have a mini-diet of media-diet features:

  • Embedded’s “My Internet” Q&As, where “very online” people share what they’ve been reading/watching/doing online. A recent favorite is Amanda Hess’s.
  • NYT’s “By the Book” (and its wonderful portraits). However: Do people really keep such a particular and revealing stack of books on their nightstands? Or is “nightstand” a figure of speech?
  • The Monday Media Diets featured in the Why Is This Interesting newsletter, even if they frequently enrage me (not this one, though!).

I also read a lot of newsletters, and after years of subscribing and unsubscribing, I can wholeheartedly recommend the following, most of which will probably not be new to Kottke readers, but just in case:

ParentData, by Emily Oster
Evil Witches, by Claire Zulkey

Culture & Criticism
Today in Tabs, by Rusty Foster
The Ruffian, by Ian Leslie
The Browser, by Robert Cottrell and Caroline Crampton
Christian Lorentzen’s Diary, by Christian Lorentzen
The Culture We Deserve, by Jessa Crispin
The Real Sarah Miller, by Sarah Miller

Celeb Gossip
Gossip Time, by Allie Jones
Hung Up, by Hunter Harris

The Half Marathoner (running), by Terrell Johnson
The Unpublishable (beauty), by Jessica DeFino
Ground Condition (home goods, design, shopping), by Kelsey Keith
Dearest (antique jewelry), by Monica McLaughlin

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