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Illustrated Recommendation: The BityBean Backpack Kid Carrier

A friend texted this morning to ask if I had any recommendations for toddler hiking backpacks (for carrying the toddler in), and I was pleased to offer a concrete answer: the BityBean Baby Carrier. I bought one on a recommendation from parenting writer and economist Emily Oster, and it’s been one of the best kid purchases I’ve made. I carried my toddler in it every day until I got too pregnant with our second child, but I’m psyched to bring it back this year. It’s super minimal and easy to put on, with a weight limit of 40 pounds. There’s a slight learning curve to put the child in unassisted, but we got pretty good at it after a while. Way more fun than wearing the baby on the front! (And it looks like they also sell it at Walmart.)

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