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The White Death

John Green recently teamed up with Kurzgesagt for a video on one of the world’s deadliest diseases: tuberculosis.

The white death has haunted humanity like no other disease following us for thousands, maybe millions of years. In the last 200 years it killed a billion people โ€” way more than all wars and natural disasters combined. Even today it’s the infectious disease with the highest kill count.

The maddening bit is that tuberculosis is curable…it’s just that the cure is not equally distributed around the world.

4,000 people died of tuberculosis yesterday, and we simply don’t have to accept a world where so many of us still die of a disease we know how to cure. The White Death has been with us for millions of years. It is time to continue our journey without it.

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Unrestrained capitalism: there is no alternative as per Maggie Thatcher and St. Ronnie Reagan.
It's also the primary reason for which the Founding Father's fought for independence. And before arguing, study a little history, maybe starting by considering how people in the new nation didn't get individual rights til after the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Maybe individual rights weren't a primary issue til long after the war.

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