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80 Iconic Piano Intros, Played Back-to-Back From Memory

In this video, pianist David Bennett plays 80 of the best piano intros from the past 120 years, back-to-back and all from memory. This was lovely to listen to while I was eating my lunch.

Some of the intros I particularly enjoyed were Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer, Nina Simone’s My Baby Just Cares For Me, Let It Be by The Beatles, Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, Children by Robert Miles, Clocks by Coldplay, A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, and Breathe Me by Sia. a song I still cannot listen to without tearing up because of the series finale of Six Feet Under.

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Keith Franchetti

I can’t believe how my knowledge or even passing familiarity with these drops off a cliff after the mid 90s! I’d like to think it has more to do with the splintering of musical styles than with me being stuck in my ruts. I hope that’s true. Let’s see if the same thing happens with the guitar version.

eadmundo Edited

If, like me and my son, you wanted to hear the songs in full - here is a Spotify playlist of them all:


I threw in the medley version of Just A Gigolo... because it's better :D

Jason KottkeMOD

I quickly poked around for a playlist of all the songs and couldn't find one, so this is great!

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Colter Mccorkindale

I can totally do this right now with classic rock guitar riffs. I should make a list. Probably 100+.

Bill Amstutz

Cold as Ice by Foreigner, thank you very much.

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