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Wherever You Go, There You Are

a very dorky blonde kid in 1984

Noah Kalina on viewing old photos or videos of yourself:

I think that’s why it’s so uncomfortable for some people to watch old videos of themselves. It exposes the core of who you really are.

No matter what you try to do, no matter where you end up going, no matter how much you might try to change, you are who you are, and that very particular and unique type of personality you have stays with you forever.

It’s fascinating, painful, revelatory, and embarrassing.

The photo above is my 6th grade school picture from 1984. I loved that velour vest for reasons I cannot presently fathom. When I think about who that kid was and who I am now, I hope that I’ve retained the best parts and let go of the things that didn’t serve him so well. It’s a process…

Counterpoint (or perhaps complementary point): I think often of this old post from The Sartorialist about a woman who reinvented herself upon moving to New York:

Actually the line that I think was the most telling but that she said like a throw-away qualifier was “I didn’t know anyone in New York when I moved here….”

I think that is such a huge factor. To move to a city where you are not afraid to try something new because all the people that labeled who THEY think you are (parents, childhood friends) are not their to say “that’s not you” or “you’ve changed”. Well, maybe that person didn’t change but finally became who they really are. I totally relate to this as a fellow Midwesterner even though my changes were not as quick or as dramatic.

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miss the Sartorialist... or NYC in general from this era... but I was not 11 then ๐Ÿ˜…


I guess I should have said, I was not 16 years old then

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