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Diary Comics, Dec. 30 & 31

A mini Friday Afternoon With Edith, this time! Also, sorry the color is disappearing from these, the additional child kind of brought it back to black and white. (Previously.)


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Jason KottkeMOD Edited

Love the raw, spare quality of these.

And what a great thing to have documentation of this period of time โ€” about the only thing I remember from the days after my second kid was born was "uh, how do babies work again?"

Ben Gates Edited

There are many well documented cases where belief in a higher-power did not alleviate symptoms of depression - based on the writings/historical accounts of famous theologians, and anecdotally from personal family experience.

It would make sense that there could be some positive side-effects of belief in a deity, but it doesn't seem like they would be uniquely limited to belief in god.

Thanks for sharing these diary entries - it is very encouraging to see other folks (parents of toddlers/newborns) going through similar experiences

Caroline G.

Agreed. I think that anyone who has experienced clinical depression will attest to the fact that it is not possible to think or reason or pray it away.

Is it possible that a belief in god can have an ameliorative effect on run-of-the-mill unhappiness or transient hopelessness?

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Bill Amstutz

I love the diary comics. Thanks for sharing.

Louise Hornor

So interesting that G made a quantum leap upward after H was born. Big in comparison? A normal age for a sudden leap? Spurred by the newness of the baby or by you Mom being around? What I know for sure is that each age of each person is fascinating!

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