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In case anyone else is on a bedside lamp acquisition journey, I got some ideas out of this Strategist post, as well as from this Architectural Digest roundup.

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Jeremy Q.

I was on this quest last year, and found this great lamp for a night stand, that has a USB outlet in the base too. Switched the clear glass for a white glass globe though (which ended up costing extra as I had to just order additional globes).

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Oh this is great. I might just get, thank you! Reminds me a bit of my favorite homeware purchase this past year: west elm flower lamp.

Lisa S.

Oh, I think I like that better than any in the articles (though there are good ones there, too). I have some Room & Board lamps that haven't held up well and need to replace them, sooner rather than later. That USB outlet is lovely.

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Andre Torrez

I want a bedside lamp that has a battery in it so that I can lift it off its base and walk around the house with it. And maybe have multiple bases around the house I can set it down on.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

lol. Maybe you just need a wax-burning candelabra

Dack Jonaghy

I gifted this cordless lamp with a recharging base as a housewarming gift.

It was a hit!

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Jay Rendon
Edith ZimmermanMOD

Wow I can’t believe I almost got something else

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Sean K

We have the JWDA, it's fine - lovely to look at but a bit annoying in that you have to turn the dial to turn it on and in so doing hold it as it's a bit top heavy.. We also have the HAY portable light which does as its name implies act as a portable light. I think my favorite is the Jasper Morison Glo-Ball.

Chris Glass

I've been flagged for bedside lamps on social media and keep seeing ads for this one that has a mirror which directs light to one's book. I keep hovering over the buy button: Nightside Lamp

Bob Walicki

We eventually broke down and during a minor renovation of our room put two sconces in that can swing. Added two outlets at bed height with switches for both sides in same spot. A bit costly but all the convenience of hotel living…

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