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The 40-hour workweek isn’t “a biological necessity,” per a recent episode of History Unplugged. “In fact, for much of human history, 15 hours … was the standard.” I haven’t listened yet, but 15 hours sounds pleasant.

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Matt G

15 hours sounds great. A few hours a day would be ideal.

Laura Paye

Since you posted before listening, I will comment before listening -- I wonder how work is defined? There's a lot of unpaid labor done primarily by women in supporting modern households. I wonder how inclusive his definition of work is when he came up with 2 hours per day.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Yeah, that’s a great question.

Meg Hourihan

Considering I just spent over an hour vacuuming my small house, I'm gonna guess no.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Unless you’re now nearly set for the day…

Meg Hourihan

True, maybe I won't eat anything more until tomorrow. And I won't move the laundry into the dryer until then either. 2 hours per day! Done! :)

Caroline G. Edited

“15 hours of work a week was the standard, followed by leisure time with family and fellow tribe members.”

Lolllll, is he including childrearing in the category of “leisure time with family”?

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